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Rescue Mission/Prisons

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Rescue Mission/Prisons

Post by rockslide33 on Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:27 pm

This idea is just an undercover mission with people/ a person whos on enemy territory. A team has to get in get them and get out while keeping the VIP(s) alive.

Another way is each team has a base and a few prisons each. If you're killed you go to one of the prisons(maybe escorted by an enemy to keep from being shot). You can then only get out by having an allly free you or you can try to sneak out without being seen. If you're seen within safe shooting distance you just go back in. But, if you're a safe distance away you just run for it or try to shoot back. To keep the game going and not be in prison all day, each team can have 1 guard per prison. The others have to be a good distance away but can still be in sight.

Give me your ideas or anything you would change

By the way I'm new here but not to airsoft

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Re: Rescue Mission/Prisons

Post by Ninja Scott on Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:02 pm

Rockslide33 this forum is not being used anymore.

Goto this one and register.


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