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Team Roster

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Team Roster

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 23, 2008 3:28 pm


This will be the location of the team roster. It will be updated as new people join. If you would like to be on the team with full membership just PM me or bravothreeseven. Remember that our intention is to have fun and shoot people while developing both team and individual skills.

Squad Leader: Reid Rank: E8

Fire Team Alpha-
Team Leader: Eldon E8
Automatic Rifleman: Eldon E8
Rifleman: Devin E4
Rifleman: Robert E1

Fire Team Bravo-
Team Leader: Reid E8
Rifleman: Ron E4

Squad Position Assignments-
Support Gunner: Eldon
Sniper: Devin
Point: Ron

We currently have 5 confirmed team members. As more people join we will adjust positions to ensure everyone has a chance to find the slot they prefer. We will be using US Army ranks and we are working on a method for promotions. We'll let everyone know once we have the input and figure that out.
We will also be recruiting Auxiliaries. The Bravo Auxiliaries will be people who like the way we game but who don't want to go all out for uniforms, attendance, etc. The BA will fit within the mission framework and will be tasked with specific missions. Think of irregular skirmishers and you'll get the idea. Anyone who would like to be part of the BA should PM myself or bravothreeseven.


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