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Apocalypse Now OP August 7th

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Apocalypse Now OP August 7th

Post by Panzerfaust on Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:28 pm

Time: Undecided at the moment
Duration: possibly over night


Yet unknown.... i would like to use 345th's
because of the size and the land marks.
if WMA is still open that would also make a great field.

US Army:
General: in charge of placing and positioning troops, battle tactics,
Gunners: suppress and eliminate all NVA forces and establish middle ground
Riflemen:Eliminate all NVA
Green berets: find Vietcong forces, gain control and establish a small rebel army,
find and destroy the NVA headquarters

North Vietnam Army:
General: command and position NVA Troops, Battle tactics ECT.
Riflemen: Eliminate all US Army troops
Vietcong: find and destroy US army base

Still a little fuzzy on the VC and GB's; but the main idea
or mission is to take control of the middle ground
(like Hamburger hill) the one side who takes control of the
middle ground is most likely going to win.
and then what ever side destroys the others
base by A killing the General then they must eliminate the
remaining forces who now no longer have unlimited re-spawns.
first is the victor.

////////////////Base traits////////////////////

We need about six gunners for the US army,
i Request you give me a call at 801 668 6364
or VIA text and i will mark you down, it is first come first serve.

///Note/////// NVA have no designated gunners,
if you have a support weapon and i have already filled the gunner postions
on ARMY i will take your name down....
i will end up evening out the the teams so each team may
or may not have the same amount of gunners

i need 2 people willing to lead the entire army's so again call or text and tell me you want
to be a general on ________ team and your name. again first come first serve.

Riflemen: no limit, you will have an AEG or Sniper ect. you may send PM to Me, Holloway,
Green Berets: I need 5 very quite, very diligent, can think clearly and quickly in battle and are
willing to take the responsibility of a green beret. call or via text

Veitcong: I need 5 blood thirsty killing machines that know not mercy and don't think twice

call or text

we also need some civilians... you still get your weapons....
you will be used to join the ranks of whomever claims you first, Vietcong or Green berets

Anyone wanna take a drive to the 345th field for a little Nam?


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Re: Apocalypse Now OP August 7th

Post by reidc on Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:06 pm

Working that day as well right now. I'll let ya know if that changes

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Re: Apocalypse Now OP August 7th

Post by Donknottz on Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:07 pm

Andrew, just let me know when you need those flags.
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Re: Apocalypse Now OP August 7th

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