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The man they call James

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The man they call James

Post by Donknottz on Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:51 pm

Andrew asked me about where I have played and I realized I haven't introduced myself properly yet and so here goes. A brief intro to James' airsofting life and I guess the starting of CVA.

Back in 2001 a guy named Todd invited a few of us out to play airsoft. I had previously been a paintball man like many of you out there and I ignorantly had disliked airsoft based upon the pile of bb's on our fields. I instantly fell in love with the game and the fact that the guns were super light and realistic looking. I played down in Orem with my buddies when only spring weapons were available for guys in High School with low paying jobs. I loved playing with just spring weapons and think we shall have to play a game like that again some time. Then as we played a bit more we ended up moving on to a couple of people forking out the cash for AEG's. P90's were really popular because of the price and Metal Gear Solid 2. I had a spring weapon (I miss my Socom pistol) or borrowed a cheap AEG up until I left for England. After that I got back, I borrowed a bit more, and then my brother stopped playing and I took over his stuff. I played with UCA which had formed from our group while I was gone and thus I know Dave and many of the guys down there.

Then I started gathering people up here starting with Aaron, who played one game down south, and a bunch of guys at work. That started in January of 2007 on a very cold day. I still can't believe after playing on a day that was below zero in the snow of Providence Canyon that people still wanted to play. Eventually everyone started getting AEG's at work and we played many small games throughout the summer, fall, and then winter again. Why we play in the winter I cannot fathom. Perhaps we forget how cold it is and can't go without playing for so long. We picked up Andrew in the Fall of that year and I don't even remember how, he just showed up and kicked our butts. Then a few different people contacted me through UtahAirsoft.com at the beginning of this year and they turned out to be what makes up B37. Thus our group was born and here we are having a good time and going home with the welts to prove it.

Honestly I don't think I have done that much and this group wouldn't exist if people didn't keep convincing their friends and co-workers to come out and get shot up. Plus I would have stopped playing long ago if I didn't have help in planning and organizing events. So thanks to everyone who helps out and makes our group what it is.
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