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Modern combat: Domination

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Modern combat: Domination

Post by DeathGoomba o.O on Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:21 pm

No actual website just a playstation page that shows the game and its features so i cant fail like homefront thread >.>

Its a PS3 exclusive at the playstation store for 7.99 usd 8.47 with tax, 5 games modes, team death match, death match, extraction, escort, and a demolition game, 8v8 games can have AI. Each game you start out with enough cash to buy 2 starting weapons, as you get kills or kill assists or any objectives those points add to your cash flow and you can purchase better weapons like an m16 or m249. 12 ranks each rank up you get a new weapon and or item. It uses the Playstation Move but you can use a wireless controller its the first game to use the playstation move to the full extent. no singleplayer story line but there is an offline mode were you fight AI.
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