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in need of real steel or ares parts

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in need of real steel or ares parts

Post by bishop on Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:37 pm

so on my ares m4 the buffertube is a different o.d. than most other m4 aeg's. it's the exact same size as a real m4, whereas regular aeg m4's are ever so slightly smaller. i could shoehorn one on there but you can forget about that being adjustable. so i need either an adjustable stock from an ares m4, or something off a real one or an ar15. i want to spray glue some gunwrap on there and have multiple furniture for multiple seasons/loadouts. anybody have one? of course i'd be willing to pay. oh and foregrips too. preferably magpuls but i'd like to see what you have to offer.

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Re: in need of real steel or ares parts

Post by Ninja Scott on Mon Jan 03, 2011 4:43 pm

Sorry man, I can't think of anyone in these parts that either has an Ares or real steal that would be willing to part with those parts.

I would see what cheaperthandirt.com has in stock assuming you can't find something local.

Good luck.

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