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Fragile Alliance

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Fragile Alliance

Post by Cpt_Butter on Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:49 pm

When you really break it down, Fragile Alliance is just a Capture the Flag variant. There are two teams: Guards and Raiders. The Guards have the "loot," which is this game's version of the flag. The Raiders are trying to capture it. However, this game has a couple twists. I'll explain them after the basic breakdown of the game.

Teams are initially divided 50/50 between the Guards and Raiders. However, between a third and half of the Guards will have to wait to come in until later; the exact fraction can be decided at the game. After 5 minutes, the rest of the Guards come in as reinforcements. All the Raiders start out in play.

Fragile Alliance matches run for 15 minutes, or until the Raiders capture the loot, or until all the Raiders are dead. I recommend playing between 2 and 4 rounds though, so everyone can have a couple of tries as Guards and Raiders. I also recommend mixing up the teams as much as possible.

Special Rules:
There aren't any, aside from the twists I'll be explaining later (which are fairly important). No medics, no respawns, no special controls on what kind of weapons can be used.

Now I'll explain the twists to Fragile Alliance.

Number 1 is that this game has a "payoff" system for keeping score. Whichever team controls the loot at the end of 15 minutes gets "paid." In the loot is $100 for each player (not really, just for the sake of the scenario) of the team that captures it. If the Guards win, every one of them, living and dead, adds $100 to their score. However, only the living Raiders get paid if they win. The money is calculated BEFORE the match starts, meaning that as casualties add up for the Raiders, there will be MORE money for the survivors (they split the money equally between them). What does this mean? Friendly fire is allowed. In fact, it is mildly encouraged. If one Raider can successfully bump off all his teammates, he gets all the payoff. Easier said than done, but it's worth a try. Because of this, all Raiders have the right to give up their share. This means they're less likely to get shot in the back, but they won't increase their score for that round. Once they decide to give up their share, they can't change their mind. You may not lie about this.

After all rounds of Fragile Alliance have been played, the player(s) with the most money wins. Might want to watch your back.

Number 2 is bargains. Any player can make any deal with any other player (including on the other team). However, your deal cannot bind any other players. For example, a Raider cannot guarantee a Guard a full share if they will betray their team, since this would bind his team to giving up some of their money. Such a deal can be made if all the Raiders agree to it.

That's really all there is. It may sound a little complicated, but it's really not. The whole point is to make everyone's life a little more... interesting on the battlefield. Please let me know what you think, and any ideas you might have to make it better.

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Re: Fragile Alliance

Post by AceVendetta on Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:56 pm

keeping track of money would be fun. Probably need to pick up a bunch of fake cash or monopoly money.
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