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Post by Admin on Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:55 pm


In the ever growing list of, "boy I would like to have one of those some day." I have added this thread to see if we could compile a list of the best scopes for those interested in a bit more accuracy than shooting from the hip. This includes not only the standard crosshair version but red dots scopes as well.



There are scopes,reddots, mounts like the day is long.

I'd like to get a good 4x ACOG for my AR. Another favorite of mine is the canadian made ELCAN scope. That one's on my list as well. Both of those run $70-140, that'd be why they're just on my list and not on my rifles.


Here is the one I have, it works great if you have a standard m16 style carrying handle, it's easily removable, and has just enough magnification to be useful as a spotter and help with shooting without going to far.


P.S. it is $5 dollars cheaper on www.shortyusa.com, but because of the way shorty does their site you can't link to it.


I think my favorite is still a reflex sight. The cheap ones are lousy due to the low quality control on optics, but once you get over about $50 they compensate fairly well for the parallax. Of course, if your gun is shouldered, there's not much parallax anyway.


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Re: Scopes

Post by Donknottz on Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:56 pm

Here is the site that I got my scope from. They were really good about answering questions about their products before I purchased them and their free shipping deal let me get a reflex sight for the cost of the shipping (since it was over a certain amount).

Here was the scope that I got from them.
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