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Let's get paid! The task at hand

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Let's get paid! The task at hand

Post by Panzerfaust on Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:55 pm

Donknottz wrote:
You have been flown into hostile territory in small groups aboard specially refitted helicopters. From all signs your entry has gone undetected. According to the necessity of the mission, more troops can be flown into the area which are waiting across the border in Nicaragua. With as small of a force as possible you are to maneuver undetected to the countries leading radio station. Once you have found the station you are to secure the area and maintain control until the waiting support can be flown in. At this point you will be given your next set of instructions.

There are several different outposts in the area and a main Honduran military base. It is possible to disable these locations and hinder the military's ability to quickly move support troops to the area. If you encounter any troops you have been given the go ahead to eliminate their presence. Be careful, there are civilians in the area and any casualties will be subtracted from your pay and could mean that you don't get paid at all. Remember, you are Venezuelan Mercenaries with a job to accomplish. The faster you do it, the sooner you go home and get paid. If you are killed or captured your family will still receive your earnings, but the Venezuelan government will deny that you were hired and you are on your own.

Donknottz wrote:
Within the red is the field of play. The other two green highlighted areas are only estimates of the locations for the AA gun and the radio station. At the bottom is the dropzone for your helicopters. Your team will be entering the field from this location. Whether we will be able to set up some gear in that area will depend on if there are campers in the area. Basically you will be entering the field from a specific location that will likely be far from your gear and the parking area so you'll have to load up on ammo and anything else you will be needing. Also, you will be entering the field in groups of 4 and 5.

Donknottz wrote:AA Gun - Due to the distribution of AA guns across the country, it is going to be more difficult for our pilots to get reinforcements to the field. This means that until the AA gun closest to the drop zone can be taken out, the time it takes reinforcements to arrive has increased 2 minutes (From 5 to 7 minutes). You are not required to take out the AA gun and it is an optional objective.

Shall we ignore the AA battery initially and proceed onto the primary objective? Or do we deal with the impedance the battery presents to our reinforcements first?

Assaulting the battery will announce our presence in the area and could end in bringing the weight of the Honduran military down on us, bogging down our main objective. Bypassing the AA battery initially and proceeding to the radio station offers us the advantage of surprise over our opponents. However there is alot of ground to cover. We won't go unnoticed for long.

My proposal is this:

Commit the entirety of our force to the radio station initially. Any who fall and must return in a reinforcement wave can then apply their efforts to seeking and destroying the AA battery, to allow an unhindered flow of reinforcements. At that point in the engagement, we'll be facing an alert and ready foe.

Gentlemen, your thoughts, comments cutdowns and suggestions are most welcome.


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Re: Let's get paid! The task at hand

Post by jimtimdim on Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:53 pm

I really like that idea. hopefuly with most of us at the radio station the few reinforcements should be able to take out the AA guns with no major problems. With that said you are absolutely right about the long hike to the station. That is a lot of pretty rough ground to cover and moving in a large group will certainly get us noticed. though I'd rather have us all together as a single large group than smaller ones... The enemy will be spread out to cover there various defenses meaning that with one large group of us we should quickly be able to take out there small patrols/ Positions. I think your idea seems to be the best and would certainly give us a large advantage in both man and fire power.

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