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CVA Officers

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CVA Officers

Post by Donknottz on Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:51 am

As our group continues to grow there are different changes that need to be made to best accommodate the situations we face. We have moved away from specific teams and their leaders to a more fluid system where teams are decided based upon the event. That being said we could easily form teams again, it just depends on what our group wants. One of the important things that is needed for our events is a bit of structure. We are lucky that it is a rare thing for any disputes to arise, I think that says a lot about each of us as players. But as we continue to grow the potential for problems also increases. So after some discussion it has been decided that there are going to be CVA officers appointed to help provide the structure our group needs.

What is a CVA officer? Basically they are your go to guys. If there is a problem on the field or you just have a question that needs answering these are the men to go to. It can be very frustrating if someone isn't calling their shots, but from experience it usually isn't good for the person who is doing the shooting to confront the one being shot. Instead it is better if a third party can step up and resolve the situation. This is one of the main purposes for the officers to be setup. Don't just complain to those around you or hold a grudge against that person, take it up with one of the officers and let them handle it. This also goes for if you see someone doing something they shouldn't that is against the rules that we play by. Safety is always one of our main focuses along with fair play. Of course you can still settle things on your own, most of us are adults and can maturely deal with it; yet there are some times where a non-partisan third party member is helpful.

Let me introduce you to our CVA Officers in alphabetical order.

Andrew - Here is a man who has experienced airsoft outside of Utah. Having traveled from the far western shores of our nation he brings with him insights into variations of game play and his amazing expertise in maintaining and repairing equipment keeps us running. It is a rare sight to see Andrew when he is truly hiding using is various sets of camo, but it is even rarer to not see him smiling and helping others to just have a good time..

James - Having been involved with airsoft for almost 10 years, James has participated with many different groups. James has helped to organize and maintain the forum and CVA group in general so as to help others to have a place to get together and have fun. He also enjoys writing in the third person.

Reid - Fairly new to airsoft Reid has experience that none of us fully understand, but all benefit from. Having served with the Marine Corps, his discipline and insight are always of great value. He has always shown a genuine interest in helping others to get involved in the sport he enjoys so much.

Scott - There are very few who you can find who have the excitement about airsoft that Scott has. Finding fun ways to defeat his opponents while simultaneously sincerely congratulating those who can best his skills, Scott is a great example of good sportsmanship.

So if every you have a concern or need and don't know who to go to about it, these are the ones.
CVA Officer

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