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Scenario game OPORD's

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Scenario game OPORD's

Post by Panzerfaust on Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:27 pm

Everyone always enjoys a well written airsoft OP game. I myself have played plenty, but have never taken it upon myself to write one. Our own James and Reid have written some well thought out events, and my hat is off to those gentlemen for doing so!
Well lately at work I've been trying to use some rare free time to draw up a plan for a game and I find myself struggling to write a scenario. I've determined I must have some form of ADD or something when it comes to writing a cohesive storyline. Putting together a smoothly flowing OP game is more challenging than I thought it would be. Maybe I'm just making it that way. So I turn to google to research the Airsoft Scenario OPORD (Operation Order). I present the findings, and hope that they may help my comrades here (along with myself) in creating the ultimate airsoft scenario game.

http://www.858airsoft.com/writeups/scenario.html wrote:

1. Find a 'cause' of what you are fighting for. Why are you searching for the _______? What significance does it portray in your story? People 'want' to fight for 'something'.. so give them something to fight for

2. What is the 'ultimate' ending you want for the game? Meaning, if everything went according to planned, there will be one winner of the game, what is the significance of the win?

3. Assuming that the ending you 'wanted' doesn't happen, come up with an alternate ending such as a 'continuation'..

4. Insert objectives that will 'lead' your participants to the ending that you desire. Remember though, you don't want it unfair, so be sure that every objective is worth the same amount of 'points' to each team.

5. Make your objectives ones that actually 'follow' your story. For instance, if your story is to rescue the ambassador of the US embassy in Cuba, you wouldn't look for a crashed alien spaceship would you? NO... but.. you 'could' look for weapons cache or 'drug fields' or something since you're in Cuba. Those could be the 'proof' that the US ambassador would bring before the UN.. maybe a part two? Keep your objectives on topic.

6. Add more than 'one' objective. If your game was simply to rescue the US ambassador, then you have a "Hostage Rescue" game.. and we're back to basics. So, add some smaller objectives that enhance your story, such as the ones I listed above. Maybe the 'reason' the US embassy is under attack is because the US ambassador located one of the major drug fields and was going to report it to the UN and now the Cuban drug cartel is after him. So, your 'special forces' need to gather intel or some kind of evidence that would support the ambassadors claims.

7. Have certain intel the 'needs' to be gathered in order to complete an objective. Such as, you can't gather intel on the drug field without first rescuing the ambassador because only 'he' knows the location....

...A scenario game is a game that has a 'story'. Something to actually fight for, something your participants can really get 'behind' in their role playing. Many airsofters really want to get into 'character' and dress like a drug lord or a mafia member. And that is what will make the scenario that much more fun. If your ambassador would really dress in a suit and tie.. and the special forces were dressed accordingly.. and the drug cartel members, really looked like drug dealers and smugglers... that is what is going to make your scenario a hit.

Get your participants excited. Use the tips and methods that I've written here and add in your own imagination and creativity. And, once you do, let us know about it and we'll post up your Airsoft Operation information here.

I highlight the previous in particular because brings to mind the Russian invasion event Reid put together earlier this year. Role playing the as the russians MADE that event for me. Even things so simple as having a flag or speaking in weird accents (or fighting to russian battle hymns) add volumes to a player's immersion in his role. I for one eat that crap up!!

Linked, I wasn't particularly impressed with this article

The original poster in this thread observes that an OP is a series of back to back games much like we already play. CTF: A team has to capture an objective and return it to it's FOB. Attack and Defend: A Team has to hold a Landing Zone in order to be extracted etc etc and so on. James has even worked our beloved Zombie into an OPORD.

Here's an couple examples of Military style OPORDs:

Not everything will pertain to our sport, but it's good to be able to see what the professionals use to plan their missions.

I hope this helps OP writing a little more tangible. I feel my OP writing ADD dissipating already! Play hard, have fun!


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Re: Scenario game OPORD's

Post by reidc on Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:45 pm

Dude, good work. Mine are just put together with a thought, nothing as cohesive and flowing as the article talks about. Definitely food for thought.

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