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My Master List

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My Master List

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:50 pm

Here is the list that I have compiled after looking over countless sites and figuring out the kind of games that looked interesting.

One team moves along a set path and cannot leave it until they are "ambushed" by the other team. Contact must be a confirmed sighting of an enemy unit or they are fired upon. Medics will be provided for the team that is getting ambused. Their goal is to get everyone to the end of the path or eliminate the ambushers. Ratio should be around 3:1 in the favor of those getting ambushed.

Bomb Plant

A central position has a "bomb" (Kitchen timer attached to the inside of an ammo box, possibly emitting continuous sound) in which both teams are trying to plant at the enemy base. Each team is given the combination before the battle begins (and it can be written on the lock). The goals is to place the bomb at the opposing teams base, set the timer, and defend it for 1 minute. There will be three respawn points per team. After reaching the point players have to wait 30 seconds before entering the field again. If no one has scored after 10 minutes respawn times will be increased to 90 seconds.

Bomb Defuse

Bomb technicians are the key to success as one from Team A is needed to arm the bomb once at the target and one from Team B is needed to disarm the bomb. Team B must kill all of Team A’s bomb technicians and prevent the detonation of the bomb, either through disarming the bomb or getting control of it before it is armed. If the bomb goes off at the target, Team A wins, if the bomb is captured and Team A’s bomb techs eliminated, Team B wins. Team A will not win just by killing off Team B’s bomb techs, though it would greatly help their chance of success.

You start in groups of three. Each group is against every other group. You run around and try to get a lot of kills. When you die, you go to the respawn point and wait for others to show up dead. When there's enough players there for a new group, you are now a new team and head out into the field. Must wait 30 seconds between each group heading out on the field.

Capture Points
Throughout the field there will be multiple flags placed. These are respawn points and can be captured by either team. To capture the one capturing has to be touching the flag and count to 15 out loud. If they finish the count then they can post their flag and the spot becomes theirs. No one can respawn in a contested area.

Capture the Flag
Center Flag - A flag will be placed in the center of the field and two teams will be placed an equal distance from the flag. Whichever team gets the flag back to their base wins. Unlimited re-spawn.

Two Flags - A flag will be placed at each teams base, which should be at opposite sides of the field. Whichever team is able to have both flags back at their base wins. Unlimited re-spawn. Re-spawning will take place at a designated location equidistant to both bases and dead players will count out their assigned time and then return to their base. Upon returning to their base they will reenter the game.

Multi Flag - In this version, there are multiple flags (usually 3 or more (sometimes as high as 15) – an odd number is best) randomly strewn about the field. The team to have the most flags in their base when time is up wins.

Multi Teams - With 3-5 teams set up, a minimum requirement of 4 people per team. Each team is given one flag to defend. Players can carry only one flag at a time. Team with the most flags at the end of a time limit wins. Limitless short timed respawns.

VIP/Living Flag - Instead of the flag being a static, inert object like a simple flag, a team member becomes the “VIP” or “Officer” and takes the place of the flag in most or all respects.

VIP/Dead Weight - In this scenario a single person will be designated as the VIP and will have on an identifying mark (orange vest most likely). They will be placed somewhere in the field or be able to find a spot on their own. The team that is able to get the VIP back to their base is the winner. In order to move the VIP you must make physical contact and remain touching the VIP during transit. If the VIP is shot during transit he must remain in that location for 30 seconds and cannot be moved by either team. If the person escorting the VIP is shot then the VIP stops moving and because he fears for his life he can pull out a pistol and shot anyone he likes for 10 seconds before reverting back to a harmless VIP.

Crossing the bridge
Get your cargo across the bridge or other designated spot. Re-spawns for both sides.

On a relatively open field a center line will be designated as well as a border around the field. Players may not exit the confines of the field at any time unless eliminated. If a player is eliminated they will watch from a designated sideline. Neither team can cross the center line until one side is down to their last player and it has been 30 seconds. Players can be brought back onto the field if someone on their team is able to an opposing player in the back (because we don't stand for cowardliness).

Execution (Gears of War)
Two Teams-Elimination - When you are hit you will drop to one knee. If the the enemy is able to touch you then you are out and must leave the field. If an ally is able to tag you then you are back in the game. You can't just hold hands with your buddy the whole time because that's something only for close doors. A second shot to the player once they are on the ground will count as an enemy tag in the last 2 minutes of the game so it doesn't go on too long.

Game-Play: Begin the game like you would any typical Team Elimination game. The twist to Execution is that the only way a player can “die” and be removed from the game permanently is by melee attack.

When you hit an opponent with a BB, rather than that player walking out of the arena as “dead”, that player is, instead, wounded and immobilized. The wounded player can no longer fight and must lay on the ground until either a friendly soldier pulls him back up to his feet or an enemy soldier ends the wounded’s life with a melee attack.

If a friendly soldier is able to pull the wounded back to his feet, that player is no longer immobilized and can continue fighting as if he never got shot.

Play continues until one team is eliminated.

Freeze Tag
One player is equipped with a springer and they are it. If you are shot by them then you must freeze in place until a team mate crawls under your legs (or just tags you) to unfreeze you. The player who is it has 5 minutes to get everyone or they lose. If they lose everyone gets to take a shot at them from 30 paces. Players are limited to a relatively small area.

Infection (Zombie)
One or two individuals start off as the infected enemy and are given time to hide anywhere in the field they like. The remaining players will enter the field in groups of 2-3 and start searching the area for the infected individuals. If an infected individual is shot they will leave the field. If a non-infected individual is shot by an infected they instantly become infected and will join that team. Game ends when either side is eliminated or the time limit is up (15 minutes is a good limit).

Kamikaze Challenge
Kamikaze soldiers are trying to win a standard elimination game. The change is that they have to be hit twice in order to be killed. If they can run around for 45 seconds without getting hit their first hit is erased and they are back to two hits to be killed. Their limitation is that they can only use pistols and they have to be continuously moving and can only stay in the same spot for 5 seconds at a time. This can be played two different ways with either everyone being kamikaze soldiers (in which case they don't have to be limited to pistols) or with a ratio of 4 regular to every 1 kamikaze soldier.

Lunch break Assassination
If you are tired of people who take too long to eat their lunch or you just want to keep it a bit more exciting during those times, try this. Select a sniper and a spotter who perhaps forgot their lunch or are able to eat it during the time it takes to explain their mission. The two members will be escorted to a location unknown to everyone else. After setting them out there come back to the main group and select a general and give him a distinguishing feature such as a big red hat. Tell everyone to eat lunch and to feel free to do as they please with informing them of their lunch time General that they all must listen too and can try to get on their good side by giving some of their food too. Then you will inform 4 people (depending on how many you have there) that they are the first to go on guard duty. All they are to do is to watch over the camp for anything unusual and are not to enter into the field unless they spot something. Everyone else should be moved away from cars and areas that they wouldn’t like to be shot in and eat their lunch in a clearing not far from there. Then it is up to the Sniper Team to assassinate the General before lunch is over. If you wanted to, the guards can only go off duty if they get someone to take their weapon off them and be a guard instead. They should be in a fairly relaxed posture, but good luck enforcing that.

Scrap Yard Defense
One team will be sent into an area and are told that an enemy force is coming. They will be supplied with different wood pieces such as pallets and plywood. They will have 10 minutes to build any fortifications they can and defend themselves. They will be provided with a medic that can heal a limited number of people. The attacking team with have unlimited respawns at a nearby point. If the defending team can hold their position for 8 minutes they will have been victorious. Attacking team should have about 50% more people than those defending.

Team A
Objectives: Secure Enemy Base, Retrieve Data, and await extraction.Team A needs to disable the AA battery which is positioned approximately 100 yards to the South before they can be airlifted out. They have 15 minutes to be rescued.

Take over a weakly fortified base with their entire squad intact. It will be fairly easy to defeat one or two people who are defending it. They have to have everyone in the building in order for a helicopter to be able to extract them. After capturing the building they will be informed that they have detected a defensive AA battery in the area and cannot fly in until it has been confirmed to be destroyed. After they get this message the remainder of the enemy forces will besiege the fortifications and stop an attempt to escape. Everyone must be "within the building" for 1 minute in order to be airlifted out.

Team A rules: They will have 1-3 medics depending on the size of the team. If they are healed "within the building" they must wait 90 seconds before they can return to fighting status. Size:
Team B Objective: Reclaim the primary building after it has been lost. Maintain the "AA battery"

3 individuals will be defending the initial fortification, they are not permitted to improve them beyond what they are instructed to start with. The rest of the team will be able to set up fortifications (with less supplies) at the "AA batter." Once the fort has been taken they must wait for 2 minutes from the time that the last of the killed returns. Now they have the opportunity to attack Team A in their newly constructed defenses while also leaving behind a maximum of 2 individuals to defend the "AA battery" from within their fortifications.

Team B rules: They can re-spawn at the "AA battery" after 4 minutes for an unlimited amount of time. Once the battery is lost all of the opposing forces who are dead can re-spawn immediately from where all of the gear is stashed to try and reclaim the building before they escape.

Providence Canyon Setup - The main building will be in the clearing Southwest of where the gear is setup. The AA Battery will be set up at Aaron's Tree.

Simple idea based on a game scenario of Nick S. In an open field the are Terminators and Human Soldiers (1 to 5 ratio).

The Terminators all have AEG's with tracer units (must be the silencer mock ups) and a flashlight attached to their weapons/person. The light must be on at all times and the Terminators DO NOT HIDE. They walk around like invincible robots looking for humans to wipe out.

The Soldiers have ZMD's (Zero Minimum Distance) only that are ineffective against the Terminators. They can use them only as nuisance weapons to distract or annoy.

Out in the field we place an appropriate number of "Future Guns" (AEG's with Tracers). The Terminators may or may not know where these guns are, but they are out in the open so even if they don't know right off they will likely come across them during the game. The future guns can kill the Terminators.

The Terminators cannot babysit the "Future Guns".

Soldiers = Find and secure Future Guns and eliminate all Terminators
Terminators = Find and eliminate all Soldiers

Nuke Transport
3 Teams
A - Transporting Package to their camp.
B - Wants to get back the stolen package and back to their base
C - Wants to get the package and set it of (Takes 30 seconds of one person, who is not able to shoot, holding onto the nuke and setting it off)

One person is dubbed Pacman, and is handed a broom and bucket. The other are ghosts. Pacman has to go throughout the halls of an indoor facility yelling "WOKKA WOKKA" whilst trying to pick up as many bbs as possible. At this point, the ghosts have weapons free and Pacman is unable to return fire. If Pacman is able to find a bb of a color other than white, he yells out "POWER PELLET" and begins to shoot at the ghosts, who are then unable to return fire. This lasts for a prespecified amount of time. Nobody can walk faster than a slow shambling pace. The game is over when either Pacman or the ghosts are eliminated, or the players realize that perhaps a scenario based on an early 80s arcade game may not be the best use of time.

Pilot Rescue
Two pilots will be dropped into different locations with just pistols.
A rescue crew of 5 elite troops will search for the survivors but there are also 8 foreign fighters looking for the men they shot down. Pilots killed equals bad guys win. Pilots brought back to initial starting point of 5 troops means everyone is happy.

Team Elimination - Limited Respawn
Each team will have a certain number of tokens (flags, bandages, whatever) at their respawn points. Whenever a player is hit they will grab one of these tokens to come back in, but they don't have to use it, and hold onto it till the end of the game. Once an entire team has been eliminated and they have no more respawn tokens the game is over. Then gather together and see who used up all of your lives and yell at them. A team can be strategic and wait for multiple people to respawn at once or just grab a token and instantly go in.

Rules: Individuals who are infected are able to re-spawn after 60 seconds, but they have no weapons. In order to infect another individual they must touch a non-infected person (not maul, just touch). In order for non-infected individuals to take down zombies two direct hits must occur. REMEMBER, because they are going to be trying to touch you it is very likely that they will get within the minimum engagement distance and you are not allowed to shoot an AEG (depending on power) within 25 ft. Shotguns have two advantages in that a direct hit from them within 40 feet counts as an instant kill and only requires one shot, plus they have no minimum engagement distance.


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