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This needs polishing!

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This needs polishing!

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:27 pm


So, ive had this idea for a scenario. everyone starts out with just pistols and each team has a weapons/ammo cache somewhere. then each team has to make it to the cache to get their rifles and more ammo. maybe start out with like only one clip in the pistol. any ideas on how to make this work and be fun. possibly something like having your weapons cache be near the opposing teams base, or throwing in other objectives. Any ideas?


I've been putting together a similar scenario for the next time B37 hosts. I haven't reduced it to pistols since not everyone has them and that would penalize about half of CVA. pm me with what you had in mind so I can compare with what I was thinking. Should be possible to make it fun for everyone.


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