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The Jail Game

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The Jail Game

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:26 pm


Ran across this online.


An area is designated as the jail. It is exactly half way between the two team's starting points. If any player, of any team, is eliminated, he must immediately move to the jail. He will remain in the jail until one of his team mates enters the jail and tags him. Once he is tagged, he is instantly alive, he is able to return fire, be hit again, or even tag other members of his team. He must make an attempt to leave the jail as soon as possible.

An eliminated player in the jail may call out for a rescue or say anything he wants in this game. The only time a "live" player may enter the jail is specifically to rescue one or more of his own players. No player may purposely shoot through the jail at any time. At times a large flow of cross-fire through the jail may occur accidentally and players must be cautioned never to remove their goggles, even partially, while in the jail. The game is won by eliminating the other team, collecting them in the jail, leaving no one to come to the rescue.

Strategies: This game is usually won, or lost, in the first thirty seconds of the game. Which ever team controls the jail, can rescue their own players, and meanwhile prevent the opposition from rescuing theirs. If your team controls the jail, you will always be out in full-force while the opposition will start to accumulate in the jail. Once the jail has been secured, detachments can be sent out to hunt down the remaining opposition players still at large.


sounds interesting. would be fun to try to challenge to paradigm.....though it's probably the paradigm for a very good reason.


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