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Game Scenarios for October 25th

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Game Scenarios for October 25th

Post by Delta on Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:52 am

Here are a few of the scenarios that I have come up with.

A few foxes are singled out and identified by armbands. The rest of the players are all hounds. The ratio of foxes to hounds should be at least 10:1. The foxes are released first and are given a short head start. The hounds are then released to hunt down the foxes.
For the foxes to win, at least one of them must survive the stated time period.

For the hounds to win, they must hunt down all of the foxes within the stated time limit.

No re-spawning is allowed, nor is the use of radios.

This is a variation that can be added to pretty much any scenario. Each team will have one member secretly chosen to be the traitor. About five minutes into the game, each traitor has the option to turn on the team they are with.

This is played out as a variation to Attack & Defend. The defending team will hold one or more hostages that the rescue team has to rescue within a specified amount of time.

The rescuing team wins by safely delivering the hostage(s) back to a pre-determined extraction point within the time allotted even if all the defenders have been eliminated.

The defending team wins by maintaining control of the hostage(s) until the time runs out, if any of the hostages are shot, or when all members of the rescue team have been eliminated.

The rescuing team may bring an extra weapon with them to give to the hostage(s) once rescued. The hostage(s) may attempt to escape if they so choose. The defending team may use the hostage(s) as human shields. If a hostage is being used as a shield they must keep their faces covered at all times. Defensive players may not shoot a hostage unless:
1. The rescue team is transporting them away.
2. A hostage is in possession of a weapon given to them by the rescue team.
3. A hostage is attempting to escape and is 20feet, or further, away from the defenders.

Re-spawning is not allowed.

Two people are chosen to be the downed pilots. They are given time to re-locate themselves to the site of the crash. The extraction point is unknown to them before the scenario begins. Each pilot is allowed 1 pistol and a radio.

Option 1
Once the pilots are on their way to the crash site, a rescue team is chosen to locate the downed airmen and safely bring them back to the extraction site. The rescue team has radio contact with the pilots and must coordinate the rescue. The rescue team is given a head start to their insertion point, no less than 200 yards to the crash site.

Option 2
Same as above but before the airmen can move, the rescue team’s medic must apply an ace bandage to both of the pilots. Once the pilots are stabilized the whole team must make their way to the extraction point. If the rescue team’s medic is shot before contact is made with the pilots then another member of the rescue team must take the medic bag and assume the new role.

Option 3
Once the pilots are chosen they must draw out of a hat the location of their extraction site. Once the game begins they have to move on their own to the extraction point.

The enemy force knows the position of the downed aircraft but they do not know where the extraction point is. The enemy force has unlimited re-spawning.

The pilots win either by both making it to the extraction point, or by having at least one make it. This would be determined prior to the game.

If a member of the rescue team is shot, the medic may apply an ace bandage to heal that individual. Once an ace bandage is used it can’t be used again.

A time limit may be used to simulate blood loss from the injured pilots etc.

A sniper team is chosen to include one sniper, one spotter, and three support soldiers. The sniper team is given time to dig themselves in on the mountain before the game starts. The attacking team must take out the sniper and the spotter before time runs out.

If a member of the attacking team is shot by the sniper they may not re-spawn. If the attacking team is shot by anyone else they may re-spawn after 1 minute.

The defending team may not re-spawn but can be healed by their medic. The medic will carry a few ace bandages and in order to heal someone, the bandage must be wrapped around the leg or arm. Once a bandage is used it can’t be used again. Once all bandages have been used, the defenders will just die when shot. If the medic is shot, no one else can take their place and healings will cease.

The sniper can only have a sniper rifle and a pistol. The spotter can have any gun he/she wants. If the sniper is shot, the spotter may take over using the sniper rifle. If the spotter takes over sniping, they may not use their AEG again.

A team of terrorists with two ‘dirty bombs’ are to set and guard their bombs until the timers go off signifying their detonation. The rest of the group is split up into two teams that must seek out and disarm the bombs. Each team will have only one bomb specialist. If the bomb specialist is killed then either the team can wait until the other specialist arrives or they can attempt to disarm the bomb themselves. If a regular team member decides to disarm the bomb they must unlock and lock the box three times before stopping the timer. This is just a race against time and no re-spawns are allowed for either side.

The use of a medic is an option that must be decided on before hand.

Once a bomb is set it can not be moved by the terrorists and it must be disarmed where it lies.

A few people are chosen to be the POW’s that escape from the prison camp. A jail site is chosen as is an extraction site. The game begins with the POW’s escaping and given a head start before the guards set out to hunt the prisoners. The POW’s begin with no weapons and must make it to the extraction point before being shot. The POW may, if he/she is very good, utilize a knife kill by tapping a guard. If successful, the POW can take the dead guard’s gun. If a guard gets tapped by the POW they must make no noise and sit or lay on the ground where they were killed.

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Re: Game Scenarios for October 25th

Post by reidc on Tue Oct 21, 2008 8:03 am

Cool. Let's pick a couple and post them under the game post. I like the sniper scenario since we have never run one. Actual numbers for teams can wait until we see how many show up.

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Re: Game Scenarios for October 25th

Post by yummytacos on Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:33 am

ive got an idea witch i dont know what to call


ok so you have a hat whith pieces of paper in it.
one will be marked with an A
two or three others will be marked with a T.
the rest will be marked whith watever it dosent really matter but they
get to go search for the guy whith the A.

the person who gets the A gets to where full body armor and can only be killed from the back. he gets three min. to go out and get situated.

the people with the T's get to go find the armored guy with the team but they also have the option to turn on there team at any time.

so for the guys whith the A and the T's to win they have to eleminate everyone else.
and for the other guys they have to eleminate them.

and i made it sound really complicated the way i typed it but if you think about it its not Smile

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Re: Game Scenarios for October 25th

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