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A&K SR25's and the FPS limits

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A&K SR25's and the FPS limits

Post by Panzerfaust on Sat Sep 13, 2008 9:49 pm

FPS Limits

CVA has a strict policy that every AEG or pistol must shoot at no more than 400 feet per second with .20 BBs. Any player may be asked at any time to shoot for the CVA chronograph in order to obtain the actual speed the gun is shooting out. If the playerís gun is above the 400fps limit the gun will not be allowed in the game until it is within team limits. Snipers and support specialists do not follow the same limit.

NO METAL BB's. .177 Pellets are not allowed at any time.

There is a minimum shooting distance of 25 feet that should be followed at all times. This means you cannot fire your AEG at anyone closer than 26 feet.



As earlier reports had suggested, this is a very hot gun. It fires 436 fps on average with .2ís, with a high of 453, and is can-bottom center capable, but not capable of penetrating the bottom-edge. It likely has an M130 installed, which means that compression is (finally) good. ROF is quite decent, considering the spring power, since it has such a nice motor and stock battery.

It seems the A&K SR25 in it's stock form is in violation of our safety rules, the addition of a tightbore barrel could easily place these guns well over the 450fps level. We have the safety limitations in place for a reason. Anyone purchasing or owning an A&K SR-25 needs to downgrade it to within the safety limits if they want to field their rifle. A systema M120 spring would remedy this. There are several persons in the community now capable of installing a spring. I myself would happily do it for free. There's no reason not to be compliant on this one.


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Re: A&K SR25's and the FPS limits

Post by Donknottz on Sun Sep 14, 2008 11:17 am

I don't know if it was because anyone was playing with the mentioned rifle above, but I did seem to come home with larger than normal welts this time. Welts I have no problem with as they are a part of the game. People not following the rules I do have a problem with.

If you do have a gun shooting over the allowed limits, come and talk to me at one of the games. We still want you to be able to play and it is likely that we can work on some specific restrictions depending on how high your FPS is. That way you can still come and play until the appropriate adjustments are made to your gun.
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